My Web Design Work

Mediamerica-website-galleryMy website design and management work is focused on open-source CMS platforms using the LAMP environment. For example, Joomla! is a robust system that can handle many of the different tasks involved in the messy kitchen of web publishing.

Shaping a proper template takes a versatile mixture of HTML, CSS and PHP skills.

As a website administrator, I focus on all the necessary aspects of a modern web platform: responsive design, scalability, site speed, webhost capabilities, and much more.

I've helped build and manage many sites, and in my Web Gallery I detail some of those.

Web Gallery

Shred Hood is a community news and information website covering the skiing/snowboarding/backcountry scene on Mount Hood. I co-founded with publisher Ben Jacklet in 2013. Ben saw an opportunity to create something new and original in the evolving field of web-based niche journalism. I designed the entire platform, from the logo to the responsive site to the social media channels and more.


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