My Project Management Work


Sometimes in project management, it's way too easy to say, "someone in the future will just have to deal with that obstacle." That's something I never do.

All obstacles should be cataloged, budgeted, and planned for. Resources may not always be available, but acknowledging the obstacle is always possible.

One important facet of PM is quality assurance. Yes, many teams will have their own QA units. But a quality project manager knows he or she needs to embrace QA as well. There’s a time to be fast, and then there’s a time to be slow, to check, double-check and if there’s time and it’s that important, triple-check.

Many of my managed projects have been systems creation. For example, the sales staff will envision a new product. My task is to shape the project to completion, developing the sales & product tracking, creating the best fulfillment process, and guiding each stage to optimum completion.

Working as Digital Production Director for one of Oregon’s largest magazine publishers, I've kept track of web trends, and with limited resources, overseen development and management of numerous print and web properties.

I've helped guide new sales initiatives from their initial brainstorming phases through the creation phase and into ongoing cyclical fulfillment. Successful PM requires patience, an ability to see long-term obstacles, and more than anything a joy for sweating the details.

Project Management Example: Digital Packages for Sale

The problem: our business magazine created an impressive number of business lists filled with intriguing data. Some of these lists were pulling some serious eyeballs on the web, which was great for our traffic numbers. However their full revenue potential was not being reached, and we were giving away labor-intensive products for free.

The solution: sell digital packages of our research lists on our website.

The challenge: do this without seriously damaging our website traffic numbers.

Please read on to see screenshots of the creation process.

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Project Management Example: The Tourism Database


The problem: corral an ever-growing mound of photos, text, and business info for our tourism publishing department.

The solution: with guidance from a production director, I helped develop an in-house database system using Filemaker.

Please read on for more including detailed screenshots.

Read more: Project Management Example: The Tourism Database